Hot Tub Electrical

40, 50, 60 Amp Hot Tubs & Swim Spas


We connect over 1000 tubs per year!


All of our electrical work is certified by ESA

Turn Key

We will fill it and test it once the wiring is complete.

If your looking for a company to install your hot tub, you have come to the right place! We install over 1000 hot tubs per year for various retail stores across Ottawa including big box stores such as Costco, and Home Depot. We also do a countless number of connections for home owners that are moving their hot tub, or buying a used hot tub. Whether your buying a new tub, or moving your existing tub (Yes, we move hot tubs!). We can take care of all your electrical needs. We are an authorized ESA contractor (ESA #7012579) and we take care of all electrical permits, and the ESA inspection to make sure your installation is up to code.

If your moving from your current residence. We can unhook all the existing wire from your house to make it look like no hot tub was ever there. In some cases we can re-use your old wire and GFI panel, and reinstall at your new home to save on material costs.

Does your electrical panel look full? We will come take a look at your panel at no charge to ensure it will handle your hot tubs power requirements. We will provide you with a free load calculation to make sure there are no future power issues. All electrical installation quotes are done at your house at no charge! This allows us to inspect your panel and take measurements of wire lengths for the installation. This way when the job is complete, you pay exactly what you were quoted. We try to book your electrical installation the same day your hot tub arrives. No one wants to look at an empty hot tub!

While installing the electrical, we will also fill the tub with water at the same time, cover lifter, and step installation can also be arranged. Once the hot tub is filled, we can test it before we leave and give you a basic show of operations.

We also install Swim Spas, 40, 50, 60 Amp hot tubs and split breaker hot tubs. Yes, we also do electrical for powered cover lifters. We also install landscape lighting and since we are electricians, we can discuss other electrical services if required.

To book a free on site Hot Tub electrical quote or for any questions, please contact the Hot Tub Guys.

What We Do!

A quick summary of how the electrical installation works with Hot Tub Guys!

Free On-Site Quote

We will come to your house and provide a free on-site quote. Show us where you are placing the hot tub and we will do the rest. Your quote will be sent before we leave the driveway. That way there are no surprises when we arrive to complete the installation

Load Calculation

We will do a free load calculation to make sure your existing panel can handle the additional load of your new hot tub. This is usually only required for 100 Amp Services. We use your 1 year consumption history from Hydro One or Hydro Ottawa to determine.

Hot Tub Installation

Our certified electricians will show up on the day scheduled to complete your electrical installation. We will also do any additional electrical work quoted. A separate crew may come back at a later date if trenching is required to bury any wires.

Fill Hot Tub and Test

Under most circumstances we will try and get the hot tub filled while we are doing the electrical installation. This will allow us to test the hot tub before we leave and show you the basic operations. We will also finish any other quoted items such as cover lifter installation.

ESA Electrical Inspection

Ontario law requires all electrical installations to be inspected by ESA (Electrical Safety Authority). This covers your insurance and makes sure your hot tub was wired up to code. We are an authorized ESA electrical contractor ECRA #7012579

Enjoy Your New Hot Tub!

Now you can relax and enjoy your new hot tub knowing that it was installed professionally! Please tell all your friends about us and remember to call us for your next electrical project!

We are Electricians!

We do Pools, EV car chargers, service upgrades, generators, plugs, switches, pot lights and the list goes on! Call us for a free estimate.

Not Just Hot Tubs!

Pool Electrical Installations

Hot Tub Guys is the largest installer of Pool electrical for Ottawa and the valley! If your looking to buy a pool from an Ottawa retailer, there is a great chance they recommend us! We do connections for above ground, on-ground, and in-ground pools. All pools must have an electrical inspection by law in Ontario. We are an authorized ESA contractor. All Pool installations must have an ESA inspection to make sure your installation is up to code.

In-ground and most on-ground pools require two electrical inspections, a grounding inspection to ensure all metal parts of the pool are grounded properly for safety. Plus a final inspection once the pool is ready to circulate. No concrete can be poured until the first inspection passes. Grounding includes the pool walls, ladder anchors, rebar and mesh in the walkways, diving board anchors and all the electrical equipment. Any type of other metal objects including fencing that is within 5′ of the edge must also be grounded. Above ground pools can usually be inspected in a single visit.

Installers trust us to do the electrical since we know pool electrical inside-out. Installers can’t be delayed by failed inspections since we have such a short pool installation season! We also provide trenching for the electrical and gas connection from the house to the equipment pad.

If you are looking for a more advanced power saving pool, we are experts in pool automation systems which can be controlled from your phone or tablet. Automation systems are also great since they have a built in computer which can control timers and the speed that your pump runs. We install automation systems for Pentair, Hayward and Jandy. If you are looking to upgrade your current equipment, we can help you out!

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