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Service & Repairs for all Makes & Models.


All makes and models


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No matter the brand or where you bought it, our service technicians are here to help.

We service all makes and models of hot tubs.  If we are not able to repair the hot tub on the first visit, we will send a quote to come back and finish off the repair.  Some leaks may not be repairable in the back yard depending how accessible your hot tub is and where the leak is located. Many leaks in the footwell may not be accessible! Weather permitting, we may winterize the hot tub and come back for a repair in the spring! All parts have a  1 year warranty.

Leaky Hot Tub

We repair leaky hot tubs, and frozen damaged hot tubs. We will find the leak and quote you for a repair unless its easily accessible.

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No Power or Tripping Breaker

If you are having an electrical issue where you have lost power or have a tripping breaker. We also have electricians that can check all your connections.

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No Heat

Is your hot tub not heating or is it getting too hot? We also do emergency calls in the winter and can install space heaters until the repair is done.

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Dead or Noisy Pump

If your main pump dies you will have no heat to your hot tub. Have it fixed or replaced before your hot tub freezes. We can replace blower motors as well.

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Hot Tub Mystery!

Is your keypad acting funny, or does your hot tub have a mind of its own? We will send out a technician to decipher your unsolved mystery!

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Chemical and balancing problem

Is your hot tub water cloudy or stinky? Are you getting skin irritations? We can show you how to fix your water & balance the chemicals

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It’s not about services,
It’s about ‘YOU’!

We will work around your busy schedule to get your hot tub repaired! If you have an external disconnect to kill power to your hot tub, we can likely do the repairs without you having to be home.