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Selling your house and need your hot tub moved? Purchasing a new or used hot tub and need it delivered? Give us a call, or send us an email for a free estimate! Hot Tub Guys is your best choice for hot tub relocations. We have seen every type of possible obstacle and have the experience and the equipment to get it done without damaging your hot tub. We have five custom built hot tub trailers that are designed just for moving hot tubs. Our hot tub dolly allow us to maneuver your hot tub in tight spots since it steers at both ends. It will not damage grass or leave marks on the lawn. Generally we need an access of 40″ width minimum. We can also arrange Boom truck, or Crane deliver if access conditions are poor. If you have an old tub or a leaky tub that you no longer need, we can also pick it up and remove it for you.

Obstacles, Issues, and preparation:

A few notes on what is generally required before we arrive to move your hot tub. We want to ensure you are as prepared as possible so we do not have to charge any additional fees for obstacles etc.. We can also take care of everything if you want a turn key service.

Drain the Hot Tub

Make sure the water is drained. 1 Gallon of water weighs 8 pounds! Every drop counts. The hot tub should have under an inch of water. We send 3 guys to move the hot tub, if we can’t move the tub there will be a charge for an extra man.

Disconnect the Power

Shut off the power and remove all electrical connections, there should be no external wires leaving the tub. We have licensed electricians if you do not feel comfortable removing the wiring. We charge an additional fee if an electrician is required.

Measure for Space

Generally we require a 40″ width to get a hot tub through a gate or alleyway. We will also need roughly 100″ of height. Check rooflines, trees, or any low structures and remove cross members on gates. We also need a fair amount of space if we need to turn the hot tub.


Steps, rocks, window wells, trees, ditches (or uneven ground / slopes), sharp turns, air conditioners, gas meter, electrical meter, decks, low roof lines, overhead wires, can be common obstacles. Generally we will require photos before booking your move


If your hot tub is sunken in a deck, in a room, under a gazebo, pergola, on a high deck. Please let us know! We also usually would like to remove railings off of decks whenever possible. We also need to know if there are steps leading out to the front yard

General Information

We will ask many questions about the pickup address & the drop off address. We are trying to avoid surprises to make sure we bring the right equipment for the job. Every yard is unique & hot tubs are heavy! We appreciate you taking the time to send photos & answer questions!

Need it Reinstalled?

We can arrange the move, base preparation, and electrical connection all on the same day for convenience!

Hot Tub Disposals

If your hot tub is unrepairable or you just want to get rid of it. We can remove it for you. We will also unhook all the electrical to the hot tub and make it safe. Once your hot tub is loaded on our trailer, we will cleanup the surrounding area and haul it away.