Refurbished Hot Tubs

We sell quality refurbished hot tubs with warranty! Delivery Included.

Save big on Hot Tubs

Are you looking for a quality hot tub and don’t want to spend between $10-20,000 on a new tub? We sell refurbished hot tubs with warranty, delivery, chemicals, and hot tub cover included, We have over 50 various makes and models to choose from at our location. We carry everything from plug & play 120V hot tubs, to large 8 person models. All hot tubs go through our on-site repair facility and are restored back to good working condition.


Huge Selection

We have over 50 makes and models always in stock with inventory changing weekly! What you see today likely will no be available next week. We carry all of the major hot tub brands across North America. We only refurbish hot tubs that have standard parts that are easily found for future maintenance.


Hot Tub Repair Facility

All of our hot tubs get placed onto one of our five hoists, with the floor of the hot tub removed to inspect for any leaks. Any plumbing issues are then repaired or completely replaced with new plumbing. We fill all the hot tubs up with water and check all the major components such as pumps, blowers, heater, and circuit boards for proper functionality. Any major components that are faulty are replaced with new equipment. All tubs are ran for a minimum of 72 hours to ensure good working order. The tub then gets any framework repaired, new floor installed, then is wrapped and prepared for delivery.


All of our refurbished hot tubs come with a full 90 day warranty. Any new parts that we install come with a 1 year warrant. We also offer extended warranty packages. To claim warranty, customer must have a valid ESA inspection completed when the hot tub is installed. Contact us for more details on our refurbished hot tub warranty.

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